October 2015

October 11, 2015 Glimmerglass State Park

After the usual secretary and treasurer reports the only old business was a review of the Safari. We discussed the particulars of the November dinner and Executive meetings including the possibility that we will be cutting down to 2 Newsletters and 1 Courier a year because of lack of an editor and that Karen Marshfield, has so graciously volunteered to do both. We have found out that over 5 million dollars has been appropriated to rebuild an exact replica of the Blenheim bridge.Funding has also been designated for Perinnes Bridge as well. The new interpretive sign for Hyde Hall has been designed and will be installed with a ceremony in the spring. This will happen largely due to our organization. There was also a great article in the Times Union on Paddling the Battenkill and Covered Bridges. It was a great day for a meeting.