June 2016

June 12,2016 Meeting Newfield Fire Hall

The usual things were attended to with 16 people attending. For old business there was more discussion on proposed by-law changes which will be in the newsletter for the membership to view. A report on Love My Park Day at Glimmerglass State Park and the work at the Hyde Hall Covered Bridge was given. The nominating committee of 3 volunteers was selected and very appreciated as they have a very large task this year. Upcoming meetings were discussed with the slight change of the meeting on July 10th with the emphasis on a birthday celebration with all her friends for the president and hot dogs, hamburgers etc. being provided and all you have to do is bring your own non-alcoholic beverage.

All the remaining meetings are on the website. We did manage to fill all the rooms but one for the Safari in September. One extra celebration is the Hyde Hall Celebration on July 17th celebrating the new informational sign that we are a very significant contributor to. There will be guest speakers including Bill Caswell the president of National and Donna will be speaking as probably her last public appearance as president. Work has been proceeding with updating our brochure. A discussion about Path Through History, a NYS program with website encouraging tourism.

We are working on getting our covered bridges listed in their own category, for all the bridges that want to be included. It was noted that Erpf bridge is closed totally for now and Olive/Turnwood or the Ashokan bridge is strictly by a phone appointment only. In bridge news the Ashokan bridge is still waiting on funding and the work on Perrines has not started. We have lost 2 members, Janet Corby and Don Shear since the last meeting.