July 2016

July 10, 2016 Boonville, NY

The July meeting was held at the Erwin Covered Bridge Park in Boonville, NY on July 10th and was part picnic meeting and part birthday party for the 65th birthday of president Donna Freeland. She wanted to share this day with some of her closest friends. 23 members and guests attended including Hazel Watson who we have not seen in several years. What a pleasant surprise. Old business of brochures being printed, donations being picked up and the nominating committee having the slate for next year set up was discussed. Karen Marshfield was thanked for another great job on the Newsletter. The upcoming meeting schedule was discussed.We talked about getting a good Society representation out for the Hyde Hall Covered Bridge Celebration where they will unveil the new informational sign. Progress on getting our bridges included in the NYS Path Through History project was discussed with what we need to do including getting our brochure on the website. Bridge news included the article on the possible completion of the Blenheim Covered Bridge replacement by 2018. We have also found out that no visitation is allowed at Tuscarora Club and the Erpf Covered Bridges as/per the owners. It was a great day with many great friends.