July 2015

A Carousel Safari in the Binghamton Area starting at Highland Park, Endwell, NY

Thanks went out to Irma Petras for making arrangements for the Safari and personally for the cake for my birthday. Beth Munson (Bob’s daughter) came with Bob’s collection of covered bridge memorabilia and if anyone wants to check it out I have her phone number to call. After minutes and treasurer’s reports it was announced that Munson’s Bridge is open for visitors. A nominating committee was set up with Wayne Marshfield, Alice Bader and Carol Frantz facing some daunting work. We went over future meetings of August 9th at Livingston Manor and the September 11-13 Safari. Again headquarters is at the Super 8, 487 Washington Ave., Kingston, NY. Phone is 845-338-3078. Donna needs names and numbers attending by August 1. We have a decision to make about Sunday and I cannot contact you if I don’t know you are coming. Hopefully plans will be made for Hyde Hall in October. There were 3 pages of articles in About Town by Vivian Yess Wadlin on Perrine’s Covered Bridge, dealing with past,present and future of the bridge. A lot of this exposure is due to the efforts of Ron Knapp. It was also noted that Knox CB in PA has been hit by a large vehicle and will be out of service until December and a town in CA, Tehachapi is looking for donations to fix their 1970’s bridge. Inda Cubitt, wife of Bernie Cubitt passed in December and Pat Cook’s husband took a fall, broke his rib and is now in the hospital for possible pneumonia. After the business meeting we took a Carousel tour of 6 carousels around Binghamton.