April 2016

Meeting Summary 4/10/2016 Spaghetti Warehouse, Syracuse, NY 50th Anniversary Dinner

After a usual delicious dinner at noon the meeting was opened with thank yous to Al and Ron McGay for the arrangements and getting the cake, Linda Willauer for favors, Jeanette for bringing the scrapbook we made her and Linda Schott for her photo display. Updates on our Charter Members and others were shared and then raffles and 50/50. The new officers were introduced. Our schedule for the year was presented and being as we are down to 6 meetings for the year, including the Safari, it was suggested that the members keep their newsletter handy as well as checking the website.

Report was given on Love My Park Day at Glimmerglass Park and the celebration of the new interpretive sign on July 17.

A nominating committee is desperately needed because of all the vacancies coming up for 2017. A synopsis of upcoming suggested by-laws changes was presented. Year long raffles of a quilt and a jacket was presented. A new book bringing in engineering and history of covered bridges is available. New brochures are being worked on with Hyde Hall on the cover as a bridge that new people to covered bridging can see and can be changed down the line when Blenheim is again. 501c-3 status and calendars will not be pursued by Donna but if anyone else wants to look into them please let her know. Ron Knapp will be helping us to get our covered bridges on the website for “Path Through History” for NYS. After an update on our bridges Gary Beckstead did a great presentation of “We’ve Got Your Bridges Covered”.